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tachi 太刀 ( たち ) long sword usually worn slung blade-down from the belt
taiden 体伝 ( たいでん ) body transmission; teachings passed on by direct training methods
taihenjutsu 体変術 ( たいへんじゅつ ) "body changing skill"; methods of rolling, leaping and running to avoid injury
taijutsu 体術 ( たいじゅつ ) general term for unarmed combat
taisabaki 体 捌 き ( たいさばき ) general term for body movement
takagi yoshin ryuu 高 木 揚 心 流 ( たかぎ ようしん りゅう ) juutaijutsu tradition studied in the Bujinkan
tameshigiri 試し切り ( ためしぎり ) test cutting with a sword using any type of target
tantou 短 刀 ( たんとう ) knife; dagger
tatehiza 立て膝 ( たてひざ ) seated kneeling posture with one leg up
tehodoki 手解き ( てほどき ) technique for escaping from a hand or writs grab; "hand untying"
tekagi 手鉤 ( てかぎ ) hand claws used to aid in climbing; shukou
teki ( てき ) enemy
tekken 鉄拳 ( てっけん ) knuckle duster weapon carried in the hand
tekkou 手甲 ( てっこう ) armored covering for the back of the hand and wrist
tengu 天 狗 ( てんぐ ) long nosed crow-like, mythical goblin, said to teach secret martial arts
tenouchi 手の内 ( てのうち ) class of weapons that are carried in the hand; lit. "inside the hand"
tensho 篆書 ( てんしょ ) characters typically used for seals
tentou uchi 天 頭 打 ち ( てんとう うち ) strike to top of head
teppan 鉄盤 ( てっぱん ) small iron plates used in combat; either thrown or hand-held
tessen 鉄 扇 ( てっせん ) iron fan
tetsubishi 鉄 菱 ( てつびし ) caltrops; lit. "iron diamonds"
togakure ryuu 戸 隠 流 ( とがくれ りゅう ) ninjutsu tradition studied in the Bujinkan; lit. "hidden door school"
tokonoma 床 の 間 ( とこのま ) decorative alcove in a traditional Japanese style room
tori ( とり ) one who executes a technique
torinawajutsu 取縄術 ( とりなわじゅつ ) methods of binding with a rope
torite 捕手 ( とりて ) a generic term for unarmed combat
toujutsu 刀 術 ( とうじゅつ ) techniques of the sword
tsuba ( つば ) sword guard
tsubute ( つぶて ) small throwing stones
tsuka ( つか ) sword handle
tsuki 突 き ( つき ) punch; thrust with weapon
tsunagi no ito 繋糸 ( つなぎのいと ) cords connecting the kusazuri to the dou on a yoroi
tsurugi ( つるぎ ) sword; often straight
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