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kabuto ( かぶと ) armored helmet
kabutowari 兜割 ( かぶとわり ) sword-like weapon designed to crush armor; "helmet splitter"
kaeshiwaza 返し技 ( かえしわざ ) techniques to reverse or escape techniques being applied to oneself
kaginawa 鈎縄 ( かぎなわ ) hook and rope; grappling hook
kaisho 楷書 ( かいしょ ) square style of handwriting;
kaiten 回転 ( かいてん ) roll done for ukemi
kakushibuki 隠し武器 ( かくしぶき ) concealed weapon
kama ( かま ) sickle
kamari かまり ( かまり ) large group or team of ninja
kamayari 鎌槍 ( かまやり ) spear with one or two curved secondary blades
kamidana 神棚 ( かみだな ) shelf on which the kamiza sits
kamiyo moji 神代文字 ( かみよもじ ) form of writing possibly used before the adoption of Chinese characters
kamiza 上座 ( かみざ ) place of honor in the doujou; lit. "high seat"
kamiza 神座 ( かみざ ) usually a small, shelf-top shrine located in a doujou
kansetsuwaza 関節技 ( かんせつわざ ) joint-locking technique
kaou 花押 ( かおう ) stylized mark used in place of a signature
kappou 活法 ( かっぽう ) resucitation methods
kassen kumiuchi 合戦組討 ( かっせんくみうち ) battlefield grappling
kata ( かた ) arranged movement patterns
kata ( かた ) kata; arranged movement patterns
katana ( かたな ) long sword, usually worn blade-up in the belt
katana kake 刀懸け ( かたなかけ ) sword rack
katchuu 甲冑 ( かっちゅう ) armor and helmet; fighting with armor
katchuu bujutsu 甲冑武術 ( かっちゅうぶじゅつ ) fighting techniques while wearing armor
katsu ( かつ ) resucitation methods
katsujinken 活人剣 ( かつじんけん ) "life giving sword"
kayakujutsu 火薬術 ( かやくじゅつ ) skill with gunpowder; firearms; explosives
kazunuki 数抜き ( かずぬき ) drawing and cutting with a sword 3,000, 10,000 or 30,000 times
keiko shoukon 稽古照今 ( けいこしょうこん ) reflect on the old to understand the new
ken ( けん ) sword, usually straight-bladed, but can refer to any sword
ken ( けん ) fist
kenpou 拳法 ( けんぽう ) unarmed fighting focusing on striking
kenpou 剱法 ( けんぽう ) sword methods
keppan 血判 ( けっぱん ) blood oath
keri 蹴り ( けり ) kick
kesa giri 袈裟切り ( けさぎり ) diagonal cut from shoulder to hip of target; refers to "kesa" worn by Buddhist priests
kiai 気合 ( きあい ) kiai; "spirit shout"
kigaku 気学 ( きがく ) fortune telling based on Chinese twelve year cycle
kikyo 跪居 ( ききょ ) crouching posture with the heels lifted and weight on the toes
kirigami menjou 切紙免状 ( きりがみめんじょう ) classical license on a simple piece of folded Japanese paper
kishoumon 起請文 ( きしょうもん ) vow on entering a classical tradition
kissaki 切尖 ( きっさき ) point of sword
kissaki 切っ先 ( きっさき ) point of sword
kodachi 小太刀 ( こだち ) short sword; wakizashi
kogusoku 小具足 ( こぐそく ) grapplingl; usually in armor
koiguchi 鯉口 ( こいぐち ) mouth of a sword scabbard
kojiri ( こじり ) tip or bottom of sword scabbard
kokorogamae 心構え ( こころがまえ ) preparedness; readiness; lit "kamae of the heart"
koku ( こく ) traditional Japanese unit of measure; usually used to measure income; amount of rice that will feed one person for a year
kokyuu hou 呼吸法 ( こきゅうほう ) breathing methods
koppou 骨法 ( こっぽう ) knack; essence; bone-breaking methods
koppouken 骨法拳 ( こっぽうけん ) thumb knuckle strike
koshi no mawari 腰の廻り ( こしのまわり ) generic term for grappling
kosshijutsu 骨質術 ( こっしじゅつ ) muscle striking art
kote 小手 ( こて ) forearm; wrist; armored forearm protectors
kotou ryuu koppoujutsu 虎倒流骨法術 ( ことうりゅうこっぽうじゅつ ) koppoujutsu tradition studied in the Bujinkan
koubou itchi 攻防一致 ( こうぼういっち ) attack and defense are one
kouhai 後輩 ( こうはい ) junior; person of lower rank
kuden 口伝 ( くでん ) oral transmission; teachings that are not written in densho or makimono
kumanote 熊の手 ( くまのて ) another term for shukou or tekagi lit. bear claws
kumiuchi 組打 ( くみうち ) grappling
kumiuchi 組討 ( くみうち ) grappling
kurigata 栗形 ( くりがた ) sageo hole in saya
kusarigama 鎖鎌 ( くさりがま ) chain and sickle weapon
kusazuri 草摺 ( くさずり ) tassets; armored thigh protectors
kuukan 空間 ( くうかん ) space; room
kuwagata 鍬形 ( くわがた ) decorative crest on kabuto; lit.: hoe-shapes
kyojitsu 虚実 ( きょじつ ) truth and falsehood
kyojitsu tenkan hou 虚実転換法 ( きょじつ てんかん ほう ) interchanging truth and falsehood
kyoketsu shoge 距跋渉毛 ( きょけつしょうげ ) weapon consisting of a hooked dagger, a long rope and a weighted ring
kyuuba 弓馬 ( きゅうば ) archery and horsemanship
kyuusho 急所 ( きゅうしょ ) weak point; pressure point
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