Japanese Martial Arts Terms Dictionary
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iai 居合 ( いあい ) drawing and cutting with the sword
iaidou 居合道 ( いあいどう ) the art of drawing and cutting with the sword
iaijutsu 居合術 ( いあいじゅつ ) methods of drawing and cutting with the sword
iemoto 家元 ( いえもと ) head family of a school
iga 伊賀 ( いが ) an old province of Japan in the area that is today western Mie Prefecture
igadama 伊賀玉 ( いがだま ) small round caltrops
inkajou 印可状 ( いんかじょう ) authority to pass on the tradition; "rank of the seal"
ishinage 石投げ ( いしなげ ) throwing rocks
ishu 伊州 ( いしゅ ) another name for Iga Province
isshi souden 一子相伝 ( いっしそうでん ) complete transmission of the techniques and principles of a ryuuha to a blood-heir
ita shuriken 板手裏剣 ( いたしゅりけん ) "plank" shuriken; flat shuriken
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