Japanese Martial Arts Terms Dictionary
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gasshou rei 合掌礼 ( がっしょうれい ) formal bow with hands helds or clasped together
gi ( ) gi; training uniform
go no sen 後の先 ( ごのせん ) responsive initiative; also "machi no sen"
gogyou 五行 ( ごぎょう ) the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water)
gokui 極意 ( ごくい ) secret teachings
goshinjutsu 護身術 ( ごしんじゅつ ) self defense
goushi 郷士 ( ごうし ) farmer warriors; warriors who held and worked land
gunbaisha 軍配者 ( ぐんばいしゃ ) practitioner of battlefield divination
gunryaku tenmon chimon 軍略天門地門 ( ぐんりゃくてんもんちもん ) battlefield strategy using weather and terrain
gyokko ryuu 玉虎流 ( ぎょっこりゅう ) kosshijutsu tradition studied in the Bujinkan; lit. "Jewel Tiger School"
gyousho 行書 ( ぎょうしょ ) semi-cursive style of writing
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