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yamabushi 山伏 ( やまぶし ) another term for shugenja; lit.: 'one who lies in the mountains'
yari ( やり ) spear
yawara ( やわら ) term for juujutsu or general unarmed combat
yawaragi 柔 技 ( やわらぎ ) term for juujutsu
yawarajutsu 柔術 ( やわらじゅつ ) another term for general unarmed combat
yawarariki 柔力 ( やわらりき ) general term for unarmed combat
yoko aruki 横 歩 ( よこ あるき ) sideways walking; cross step
yoroi ( よろい ) armor; suit of armor
yoroi kumiuchi 鎧 組 打 ( よろい くみうち ) battlefield grappling in armor
yoroidoushi 鎧通し ( よろいどうし ) dagger like thrusting blade for use against an armored opponent
yotsugumi 四つ組 ( よつぐみ ) method of grappling in armor
yumi ( ゆみ ) Japanese-style bow (for shooting arrows)
yuudansha 有段者 ( ゆうだんしゃ ) those holding black belt rank
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