Japanese Martial Arts Terms Dictionary
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sageo 下緒 ( さげお ) sword knot; cord used to secure a katana in the belt
sakki 殺気 ( さっき ) intent to kill
samegawa 鮫皮 ( さめがわ ) shark or ray skin wrapped around the handle of a sword
samurai ( さむらい ) samurai
seiryoku zenyou 精力善用 ( せいりょくぜんよう ) efficient use of energy
seiza 正座 ( せいざ ) kneeling seated posture; "seated correctly"
sen ( せん ) initiative
sen no sen 先の先 ( せんのせん ) Strike as opponent commits to an attack but before he moves
senban 銛盤 ( せんばん ) type of flat shuriken used in Togakure ryuu ninjutsu
senjou kumiuchi 戦場組打 ( せんじょうくみうち ) battlefield grappling
senjutsu 戦術 ( せんじゅつ ) tactics
senryaku 戦略 ( せんりゃく ) strategy
seppa 切羽 ( せっぱ ) spacers placed between the tsuba and handle of a sword
shakoken 蝦古拳 ( しゃこけん ) open handed palm strike
shaku ( しゃく ) measure of length; about 11.93 inches
shikanken 指環拳 ( しかんけん ) strike with the second knuckles of the hand (Togakure ryuu)
shikin haramitsu daikomyou 詞韻波羅密大光明 ( しきんはらみつだいこうみょう ) words spoken at the beginning of Bujinkan classes
shikomizue 仕込杖 ( しこみずえ ) cane sword; short staff with blade hidden inside
shime 締め ( しめ ) choke
shimewaza 締め技 ( しめわざ ) choking technique
shinobi 忍 び ( しのび ) term referring to person who practices ninjutsu
shinobi no jutsu 忍 び の 術 ( しのび の じゅつ ) methods of stealth; ninjutsu
shinobi no mono 忍ノ者 ( しのびのもの ) person who practices ninjutsu
shinobi no mono 忍の者 ( しのびのもの ) person who practices ninjutsu
shinobi shouzoku 忍び装束 ( しのび しょうぞく ) ninja clothes; mythical black clothing worn by ninja
shinobizue 忍び杖 ( しのびずえ ) cane with hollowed out interior to conceal weapons
shitanken 指端拳 ( したんけん ) finger tip strike
shitouken 指刀拳 ( しとうけん ) thumb tip strike; boushiken
shousei 勝 声 ( しょうせい ) victorious voice; a kind of kiai
shubaku 手白 ( しゅばく ) unarmed close combat techniques
shudendou 修験道 ( しゅげんどう ) a highly syncretic Buddhic religion or sect and mystical-spiritual tradition which originated in pre-Feudal Japan
shugenja 修験者 ( しゅげんじゃ ) a practitioner of shugendou
shukou 手鉤 ( しゅこう ) hand claws used to aid in climbing; formerly a secret tool of Togakure ryuu ninjutsu; tekagi
shuriken 手 裏 剣 ( しゅりけん ) throwing spikes or plates
shurikendome 手裏剣止め ( しゅりけんどめ ) stopping or avoiding thrown weapons
sode ( そで ) sleeve
sode ( そで ) sleeve; armored shoulder upper arm protection
sokkou 足甲 ( そっこう ) metal claws worn on the feet to aid in climbing (Togakure ryuu)
sokuyakuken 足躍拳 ( そくやくけん ) strike using the heel of the foot
sonkyo 蹲踞 ( そんきょ ) crouching posture
soudensho 相伝書 ( そうでんしょ ) record of inheritance
souhei 僧兵 ( そうへい ) warrior monks
soujutsu 槍 術 ( そうじゅつ ) techniques of the spear
souke 宗 家 ( そうけ ) grandmaster, head of ryuu
sousho 草書 ( そうしょ ) cursive style of writing
suhada bujutsu 素 肌 武 術 ( すはだ ぶじゅつ ) martial techniques done in street clothes
suhada kumiuchi 素肌組打 ( すはだくみうち ) fighting without armor
sujikabuto 筋兜 ( すじかぶと ) armored helmet; "ribbed helmet"
suki ( すき ) opening; weak point
sukima 透き間 ( すきま ) an opening or gap (in kamae)
sukima 隙間 ( すきま ) an opening or gap (in kamae)
sun ( すん ) measure of length; about 1.19 inches; 10 sun = 1 shaku
suneate 脛当て ( すねあて ) armored shin guards
suneate 臑当 ( すねあて ) armored shin guards
suppa 素破 ( すっぱ ) another term for ninja; small team of ninja
sutemi 捨身 ( すてみ ) sacrifice technique
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