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maai 間合い ( まあい ) distance; interval;
maedate 前立て ( まえだて ) crest worn on the helmet
makimono 巻物 ( まきもの ) scroll containing techniques and teachings of a ryuuha
menkyo kaiden 免許皆伝 ( めんきょかいでん ) full initiation into a ryuuha
menpou 面頬 ( めんぽう ) face guard; usually worn with an armored helmet
menuki 目貫 ( めぬき ) sword handle ornaments
mizugumo 水蜘蛛 ( みずくも ) device for crossing marshy areas; lit. "water spider"
mokuroku 目録 ( もくろく ) catalog of the techniques of a ryuuha
mune ( むね ) chest
musha shugyou 武者修行 ( むしゃしゅぎょう ) the practice of traveling about to gain martial skill
mushin 無心 ( むしん ) spontaneous action lit. "no mind"
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