Japanese Martial Arts Terms Dictionary
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jindai moji 神代文字 ( じんだいもじ ) form of writing possibly used before the adoption of Chinese characters
jingasa 陣笠 ( じんがさ ) flattened, wide brimmed helmet
jissen 実戦 ( じっせん ) real combat; realistic fighting
joshi goshinjutsu 女子護身術 ( じょしごしんじゅつ ) women's self defense
jou ( じょう ) staff usually about 4 feet in length
juudou 柔道 ( じゅうどう ) judo
juujutsu 柔術 ( じゅうじゅつ ) method of close combat, unarmed or using weapons
juunan undou 柔軟運動 ( じゅうなんうんどう ) flexibility exercises
juutaijutsu 柔体術 ( じゅうたいじゅつ ) term used to describe methods of throwin an opponent using the body
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