Japanese Martial Arts Terms Dictionary
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bakufu –‹•{ ( ‚΂­‚Ó ) military government of old Japan
boshiken dŽwŒ ( ‚Ú‚µ‚¯‚ñ ) boshiken; thumb tip strike
bou shuriken –_Žè— Œ• ( ‚Ú‚€‚µ‚ã‚肯‚ñ ) throwing spikes
boujutsu –_p ( ‚Ú‚€‚¶‚ã‚ ) skill with a wooden staff
boushi –XŽq ( ‚Ú‚µ ) the hamon on the kissaki of a sword
bu ( ) measure of length; about 0.12 inches; 10 bu = 1 sun
budouka 武道者 ( ぶどうか ) martial artis
bugei •Œ| ( ‚Ô‚°‚¢ ) generic term for the martial arts
bugeisha •Œ|ŽÒ ( ‚Ô‚°‚¢‚µ‚á ) person who practices the martial arts
bujinkan doujou •_ŠÙ“¹ê ( ‚Ô‚¶‚ñ‚©‚ñ‚Ç‚€‚¶‚å‚€ ) the name of the organization begun by Hatsumi Masaaki
bushi •Žm ( ‚Ô‚µ ) samurai;warrior
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